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Increasing global demand for plastic resins, Vietnamese businesses welcome opportunities

Global demand for plastic resins is expected to increase in the period 2023-2025, opening up opportunities for businesses producing and exporting Vietnamese plastic resins. As one of the leading suppliers of plastic resins, An Thanh Bicsol has taken advantage to promote growth. 

Demand for plastic resins increases, increasing export advantages 

ICIS forecasts show that global plastic resin demand is expected to increase by about 4.4%/year in the period 2023-2025. Global demand for plastic resins largely comes from the Chinese market, the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. In the coming period, the growth in demand for plastic resins will depend largely on growth from the Chinese market, in addition to other developing Asian countries. China is the world’s largest plastic resin consumption market and the main driving force of the global plastic resin market. In developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam, the demand for plastic resins will likely continue to increase.

Theo dự báo của ICIS, nhu cầu hạt nhựa toàn cầu đang tăng cao. Ảnh: Shutterstock 
According to ICIS forecasts, global demand for plastic resins is increasing

In Vietnam, An Thanh Bicsol is one of the leading plastic resin suppliers with products exported to 70 countries and territories. The company is headquartered in An Phat Complex Industrial Park (Hai Duong) and has representative offices in many countries including the US, China, and Singapore. An Thanh Bicsol was established in 2017, is a subsidiary and a core member of An Phat Holdings with a business network spread across the country with more than 2,500 domestic and foreign customers and partners and an average output of 35,000 tons/month. 

Faced with the increasing demand for plastic resins from countries around the globe, An Thanh Bicsol has the advantage to expand its growth potential. The company supplies plastic beads, additives, chemicals, and raw materials for the plastic industry, providing customers who are plastic product manufacturers in the world with the most suitable raw materials with high quality. 

In An Thanh Bicsol’s revenue contribution structure, 47% comes from PE plastic pellets, 33% from PP plastic pellets, 13% PVC, 6% PET, the remaining PS and ABS contribute 3%. 

An Thanh Bicsol currently exports mainly to the Southeast Asian market (37%), South Asia and the Middle East market is second, accounting for 32% of total output, third is to the EU market (12%), Northern South America (10%), Africa (5%) and China (3%). 

Extend growth momentum 

The company recorded strong growth, with plastic resin sales increasing from 2,000 tons/month in 2017 to 13,000 tons/month in 2020. 

Growth momentum continues in the following years with 2021 growing at more than 46% and 2023 growing at 84.2%. An Thanh Bicsol aims to reach 100,000 tons/month by 2030, corresponding to a 50-fold increase compared to the company’s founding date. 

An Thanh Bicsol's plastic resin sales have grown continuously in less than a decade. Photo: An Thanh Bicsol
An Thanh Bicsol’s plastic resin sales have grown continuously in less than a decade. Photo: An Thanh Bicsol

With nearly 200 experienced staff and employees, constantly creating and innovating, An Thanh Bicsol is striving to gradually become one of the leading distribution companies of virgin plastic resins and raw materials in Vietnam and the world.  

In 2023, the Company said this is a year of both success and challenges with many new obstacles to overcome but important milestones have been achieved. The company continues to be a reputable supplier of plastic resins, conquering customers in demanding markets. This is because An Thanh Bicsol takes advantage of the closed supply chain from An Phat Holdings Group with logistics systems, warehouses, and representative offices globally. Currently, the Company is constantly expanding customers, markets, and diversifying products. 

An Thanh Bicsol is part of the plastic industry ecosystem of An Phat Holdings, the Group has 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing high technology plastic and environmentally friendlywith a modern equipped factory system. This is a great advantage to help An Thanh Bicsol accelerate its development and reach further. The company clearly understands the needs and desires of customers so that it can provide the most suitable products. Along with Bicsol’s own packaging brands and global offices and professional business system, An Thanh Bicsol’s growth momentum is expected to continue. 

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